Thursday, May 21, 2015

How SJWs read

SJW Scanning,

This is a form of near literacy employed by SJWs in order to disqualify written works, and signal adherence to the accepted group think. First one reads the Wikipedia entry about the author and searches Huffpo, Reddit, Feministing (or other, similar gathering places) and searches the twitter feeds of one's handlers to determine if one is allowed to enjoy the work. If not, one then reads the first and last couple of pages so as to get the tone and the narrative arc. Then one skims until offended, looking eagerly for any hint of a mention of sex or race.Whether or not any is found, the work and the author are denounced as double plus ungood, racist, anti-woman, pro-rape, pro-kitten-sadness, etc. Any literary effect the reader does not understand, such as the use of nicknames to evoke the emotional state of a character, are treated as both pro-rape and evidence of the author's stupidity.

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