Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Rules of Engagement

Rules of engagement for the culture war. These have been culled from the tactics suggested by 4G warfare and have been found to actually work in the GamerGate and Hugo Award fracases.

1. The truth is paramount.

2. Know yourself and know your enemy.

3. Don't interrupt when the enemy is making a mistake.

4. Stand for the cause, not the people. People will always betray you.

5. Dialect for the persuadable, rhetoric for the partisans. The objective is not to win arguments, but recruits.

6. Use divide and conquer to your advantage, avoid falling prey to it. No enemies on the right, but the Left will always eat their own.

7. Strategy always beats tactics, play the long game.

8. Have FUN.

9. The enemy is always lying. find the lie, expose it and move on.

10. The enemy is always projecting. Whatever it is they are accusing you of, that is not only what they are doing, it is what they feel guilty about. Use it

11. Wrong is not Evil, but Evil is Wrong.

12. The objective is not to gain ourselves a place at the table, but to deny them theirs. They will not allow us a voice, no matter how we approach.

13. There is no compromise. There is no live-and-let-live. These people literally want you dead. They must be humiliated, driven out, and never ever allowed any authority.

14. Drive the enemy to apoplexy. Every shrieking rant from them garners us recruits. We seek not to satisfy supposedly neutral observers, but to entertain bystanders and energize our own troops. If you can make them laugh, you win.

15. Good leaders don't develop followers, they develop leaders . -- Lubavitche Rebbe 

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  1. This is an excellent list.

    "People will always betray you" - may I suggest "disappoint" instead? Both are accurate but it's the connotations of betray that gave me pause.

    I'd add this -
    Seek those who also value truth and honor but have accepted the lies of the enemy. If you can recruit them to the truth then you have gained a powerful ally and denied the enemy one.

    (Needs rewording.)